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100 kn clicker press

As a leading clicker press manufacturer ,Gerson machinery have various clicker presses for choice.The 100 kn clicker press is one of Gerson presses with 100 kn cutting force.

100 kn clicker press
100 kn clicker press

1.There also have 80 kn,120 kn,140/150/160 kn ,180 kn,200 kn,250 kn,270/280 kns cutting force.

2.The die cutting machine can be cut for leather ,fabric,plastic,rubber,foam,etc.,

3.The automatic oil-supplied lubricating system, which can reduce the machine wear and prolong its service life.

4.It can die cun any shapes by the custom build cutting die/knife.

5.Any special requirement ,please contact Gerson machinery.

Maximum cutting force                 100kN more cutting force available
Width of the swing arm                 14.5″ x 11″ more big size available
Stroke Adjustment                       1/4″ – 3″
Cutting Speed                              0.08m/s
Distance between arm & bench    4″
Base table is                                25.5″ wide by 13″ deep big size available
Weight                                         815 lbs dry
Motor Power                               .75 kw – 1HP
Oil Tank                                      8 Gallons
Overall Size                                 56″ tall x 32″ wide x 26″ Deep

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