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14T cutting machine/14 ton swing arm press

Gerson 14T cutting machine is  swing arm cutting machine for the most small pieces die cutting of leather,fabric,cork,rubber,plastic ,cardboard,foam etc.,It is perfect for using in industry and shops.

14T cutting machine 14 ton swing arm press
14T cutting machine 14 ton swing arm press

1.14T is 14 tonnages cutting force power ,also other cutting force is available from 8 tons to 30 tons.

2.cutting table size from normal 800,900*400,450 to 1000*500mm size.more large size for custom build.

3.two hand button switch press operation easy and safe.

4.Other special cutting requirement welcome.

Model GSB-2C/10/12/14/15/16/18/20/25
Cutting Force 10,12,14,15,16,18,20,25 Tons
Sway Arm Width 330X450mm,350X450mm,450X550mm
Stroke Adjustment 5-75mm
Distance Between Upper Table And Lower Table 60-140mm
Table Area 900X400mm,1000X500mm
Electric Supply Voltage 3×440/415/400/380 /220V, 50/60 Hz
Motor Power 0.75kw,1.1kw,1.5Kw
Packing Size(LXWXH) 1100X1100X1700mm
Weight 500Kg/650kg/1000kg/1100kg
Hydraulic oil (46#) 50 Liters

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