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150 ton die cutting machine

Gerson machinery have designed and manufactured many 150 ton cutting machine  for custom requirement.

One.150 ton fixed beam cutting press machine

150 ton die cutting machine
150 ton die cutting machine

This fixed head cutting machine or fixed beam press is a die cutting machine with fixed beam or head.This die cutting machines most used for large area soft material die cutting .The cutting area can from 1250mm ×500mm to 2000mm×2000mm.The cutting power or pressure from 30 tons to 500 tons.

Model GRB-25(30) GRB-35(40) GRB-50 GRB-60 GRB-80 GRB-100 GRB-150(200) GRB-300(400,500)
Max cutting force(Ton) 25Ton30Ton 35 Ton,40 Ton 50 Ton 60 Ton 80 Ton 100 Ton 150Tons,200Tons 300Tons,400Tons.500Tons or more
Distance betweenupper press board andworktable(mm) 50-180 50-240 50-240 50-240 50-240 50-240 50-240 50-240
Cutting area(mm) 1250×500 1250×6001250×710 1250×800 1250×800 1250×800 1250×900 1250×1000 1250×1500
1470×500 1470×6001470×710 1470×800 1470×800 1470×800 1470×900 1470×1000 1470×1500
1600×500 1600×6001600×710 1600×800 1600×800 1600×800 1600×900 1600×1000 1600×1500
Motor power 1.5KW 3KW 4KW 5.5KW 7.5KW 7.5KW 11KW 22KW
Electric SupplyVoltage 3 phases x440/415/400/380/220/200V, 50/60 Hz
Machine Net weight (KG) 1400 1700,1800 2800 3500 5000 6500 9000 12000
1500 1800,2000 3200 3800 5400 7000 9500 13000
1700 2000,2200 3400 4200 5800 7500 10000 14000
 Gerson could design and manufacture according to customer production requirement.

Two.150 ton movable beam cutting press machine:

150 ton cutting machine

1.The upper receding beam or head can be moved forwards and backwards and the distance is fine adjustable for the convenience of placing cutting materials.
2.Cutting area same as the beam/head area ,so it is great for large cutting die.
3.The cutting material remains stationary during the receding cutting.
4.Larger head, bed and tonnage needs can be custom ordered.
5.From 35 tons to 400Tons cutting power for your choice.

odel Maximum Cutting power(ton) Area of work table(mm) Press Board Stroke      range Distance between upper pressing board and worktable Motor power Machine dimensions(mm) Net weight
GRH-35 350KN(35T) 1600*610mm 1600*600mm 0-110mm 60-160mm 3KW 2320*1400*1520mm 2400kg
GRH-500 500KN(50T) 1600*610mm 1600*600mm 0-110mm 60-160mm 4KW 2320*1600*1720mm 4000kg
GRH-80 800KN(80T) 1600*820mm 1600*800mm 0-120mm 60-180mm 4KW 2320*1600*1720mm 5500kg
GRH-120 1200KN(120T) 1600*820mm 1600*800mm 0-120mm 60-180mm 5.5KW 2320*1600*1720mm 6500kg

**Cutting Force more than 400 Tons or upwards can custom made.
**Cutting Bed more than 1600x800mm or upwards can custom made.

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