Gerson Cutting Machine and Atom Cutting Machine

Some people think that Chinese factories donot have good production for the die cutting machine.In fact most high quality machines are made in China ,such Atom cutting machine ,specially swing arm cutting machine is built in China (Atom have factory in China).

Gerson factory is 20 years old and not in a very good management condition, but, the quality of the cutting machine that Gerson produced are quite good.

As to the swing arm cutting machines, Atom is now so strong to compete with. Many customers also uses Atom cutting machines in their factory, but, the swing arm cutting machine of Gerson is really much better than Atom. It’s multi-function, easy use and better struction. The advantages compared to Atom cutting machines are:

1, Light swing arm
2, Two kinds of cutting modes
3, Different stroke-end adaptable
4, High cutting pressure
5, Very cheaper copare to Atom

Let’s make more efforts to promote Gerson machinery.

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