Types Of Die Cutting Machine In Shoes Industries

As a leading shoes die cutting machine designer and manufacturer ,Gerson machinery have develop three models for shoes industry:

1.swing arm cutting machine:

hydraulic clicker press

This kind of cutting machine is widely used in many shoes factories.The swing  beam cutting press is also called swing arm cutting press which have swing beam or swing head.Just cuts shapes out of shoes material using a sharp metal piece die.

2.Travelling head cutting machine:

travelling head cutting machine

The travelling head cutting machine is suitable for cutting single layer or multiple layers of shoes material, especial suitable for cutting wide and coiled materials. Furthermore, it is particularly suitable for cutting parts that require small dies, regular cutting and batch production.

3.Plane cutting machine:

plane cutting machine

The plane cutting machine with large cutting bed .Fast, quiet, easy to operate
It is safety for the workers by two hand operation of the switch.Most Asian customers like to use plane cutting machine for shoes production.

Article from:What types of die cutting machine in shoes

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