Mini Cutting Machine

Gerson mini cutting machine is hydraulic cutting machine which is for mini size material die cutting including:Leather,Fabric,Plastic,Paper,cork wood,textile,rubber etc.,

This Mini cutting machine is die cutting machine with swing head or beam that the operator can easily move the swing head.

The cutting force have 8T,10T,12T,14T,15T,16T,18T,20T,22T,25T,27T,28T tons.Also Gerson have 5T and 6t tons mechanical clicker press.

The mechanical cutting machine features:

5 ton cutting machine

Model Maximum Cutting power(ton) Area of work table(mm) Motor power Machine dimensions(mm) Net weight
MX-5T 5T 580×360 1.1KW 1300×960×620 mm 420kg
MX-6T 6T 700×380 1.5KW 1450×1000×720 mm 610k


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