How to develop Shoe machine industry market?

How to develop Shoe machine industry market?

Gerson machinery think that there are three major trends:

First : Survival depend on the differentiation.

Shoe machines market bittersweet. The so-called bitter? Continued to rise in the RMB(Chinese currency), labor costs, raw materials, comprehensive cost rising external demand uncertainty (the European debt crisis, the U.S. economic recovery is slow, it takes time to expand in emerging countries), business competition becomes more intense, there is no big demand stimulation, To keep your performance and achieve growth, is indeed more difficult. Business to survive, it must have formed differentiated with rival technologies, services and products. What is happy? Corporate relocation brings new equipment needs, such as shoes Industrial Park production, new plant opened, Taiwan-funded enterprises to neighboring countries (Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Bangladesh, etc.) investment, domestic enterprises to set up factory in Ethiopia, etc. These machines have led the growth in demand.

Second:Development by science and technology

With the Chinese footwear industry into high-cost era, many shoe companies shoe machine be in the original cost, energy efficient, environmentally friendly, automation, higher quality and other areas put forward new requirements, especially in automation, intelligent digitization technology and new equipment such as flexible production rigid demand becomes more apparent. While the traditional shoe machine companies, in order to adapt to the changing needs of shoe, only to increase investment in research, development and production of high-tech production equipment to meet customer needs, to get greater development. So 2013 shoe machine industry can get a big development of the enterprise, or rely on scientific and technological support. Gerson machinery as a leading shoes cutting machine begun to taste the sweetness of automatic cutting machinetechnology.

Third:Rely on overseas growth

Overall speaking, the larger of the shoe companies now more than twenty industry park, the quantity and quality of these companies have reached a relatively saturated. No factories in these regions increased in the case of new production lines, So the shoe machine industry can only achieve local small-scale, small increase, to achieve major growth, it is necessary to rely on overseas markets. In recent years, with the neighboring countries and some emerging countries or shoe industry began to develop, or just starting, These area need a pair of Chinese shoes machine equipment to meet their production.Now Gerson machinery have export these countries, such as Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Bangladesh; Middle East Syria, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Pakistan; South America, Uruguay, Paraguay, Ecuador, Poland, Chile, Peru; Eastern Europe, the Czech Republic, Romania, Argentina, Ukraine; North Africa, Tunisia, Morocco and other countries, the leather industry has shown a rising trend. Chinese shoes enterprises if targeted to these countries and to expand export markets, is expected to achieve great growth.

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