Leather Types By Usage

There are three kinds of leather by use: for life,  military and  industrial use.If any one want to use these leather to making leather products,Maybe need Gerson leather cutting machine for die cutting these leather.

1. Leather for life:

Including shoes leather( leather uppers, leather soles, leather welt, leather lining),Clothing leather( gloves leather, caps  leather, etc.,),Case leather (including box leather, bag leather, strap leather,  belts leather, etc.) furniture leather, sporting goods leather, musical instruments leather and so on.

2. Military leather
Military leather including military shoes leather,  Military equipment leather and garment leather and so on.

3. Industrial leather
Industrial leather for furniture leather, bonded leather,equipment leather , car seat leather,accessories leather,  flooring leather, wall panels leather and work gloves leather and so on.

Article from:http://www.shoesmachines.com/leather-classification-by-use.html

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