Gerson die cutting technology development

In recent years, Gerson machinery with the continuous development of science and technology, cutting technology has made significant progress. such as computer-controlled cutting machine, the cutting of the production will significantly improve the speed and accuracy, which is the traditional handmade cutting unmatched. Cutting production technology innovation, mainly in equipment performance, intelligent, digital, digitization will be embodied in the modern die-cutting machine, easy operation, low failure rate, high production efficiency, quality and reliability will be the modern automatic cutting machine direction.

With a variety of new Gerson automatic die cutting machine applications, will greatly reduce the labor intensity of manual cutting, production consumption will also be greatly reduced, the application of these new die-cutting equipment, will gradually replace outdated main type cutting machine, better long-term solution to the long-standing constraints cutting product delivery cycle bottlenecks, production efficiency, and I greatly improved product quality.

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