2013 Shoe Materials business is not optimistic


China’s exports of leather and footwear products increased significantly year on year growth rate reached 38%; footwear products, rubber, plastics and textile fabrics and other non-leather shoes exports grew bigger, leather shoes product exports increased by only 11% from January to February 2013.
In addition, fur clothing exports grew 119% increase in all sub-sectors in the first place. Leather and products of leather bags accounted for 41% leather clothing accounted for 28%. Fur and products, a fur cap accounted for 103%, 69% fur tanning, exports grew bigger.
From the product structure, non-leather shoes and shoe parts because price is very low, with a larger room for price increases, price increases showed prices increased considerably. The highest price of fur clothing exports increased for the industry as a whole amounts to enhance greater impact. Fur clothing and non-leather shoes and shoe parts is to promote exports of leather and footwear industry, substantial growth of the main.
From the market structure analysis, the current leather and footwear exports increased significantly for two main reasons:
First, the American and European countries economic situation gradually improved, consumer demand further pick-up;
Second, the low base last year, some of the new consumer demand contributed to the growth of exports;
Third, the domestic consolidated costs rise and the exchange rate rises factors pushing up export unit price, resulting in the overall exports increased significantly.
Currently, exports of leather and footwear industry ranked first in light industry, but profitability is still below the overall average light industry. The present stage, leather export enterprises by the 2012 the first half of shortage of orders, transition to “there are orders and less profitable” stage.
Select export enterprises need to do is to “preserve market share, strive to adjust the time.” Thus, although exports have improved, but for the leather industry has run should not be too optimistic. Especially for small and medium leather business, still in operation more difficult period.

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