Safety Shoes Design And Development Process

Safety shoes design and development process

Safety shoes design, development, production of all processes digital link. The design and development of the accuracy and timeliness of the output has been greatly improved. Also makes footwear technology research and development capabilities is always in the forefront of high-end level.

1, The designer sketches
Including shoe design, the bottom station design, accessories design.

2, The color renderings
According to the designer’s design concept sketches renderings for design, validation, modification. Completed by the designer in design department.

3, The shoe last design
According to the designer’s design philosophy for supporting shoe last design, validation, modification.

4, The sole 2D design
According to the designer’s design philosophy for sole 2D design drawings to confirm, modify.

5, the sole 3D design
According to the designer 2D,start to 3D drawing design, validation, modification.

6, the sole Programming
programming design for sole mold after the confirmation.

7, Sole automatic processing
After confirmation for sole programming, start to automatic processing output.

8, Shoes sample making
According to confirmed effect diagram ,start to computer design output.

9, Computer material consumption calculation
After confirmation of the computer model,start to mass production and calculation of the output.

10, The amount of manual production processes
For mass production manufacturing instructions for the production output.

These ten steps is one of Gerson machinery shoes customers new product output of the entire process, substantially all of the computer-controlled full digital output. Of course, the designer of the manuscript can not use computers to design alternative. But as long as there is a data connection process we have realized digital import and output to ensure the accuracy of the design process, but also greatly improves the work efficiency.

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