Southeast Asia Increased Imports Shoes Machinery

Southeast Asia increased imports Shoes machinery

Cheap labor in Southeast Asia and the gradual improvement of the industrial chain attracted to China and other countries in the world invest in the development of labor-intensive industries. Many textile, shoes  enterprises began to invest in Southeast Asian countries leading textile machinery, shoes machine and other machinery industry exports a large number of the current situation, a lot of foreign orders received shoes machine enterprise performance gains, but experts say this is a dangerous signal, exacerbate Southeast Asia on China’s shoe industry, shoe industry’s competitiveness.

Since the development of the textile and garment is inhabited by these labor-intensive industries, but with China’s high land rents and labor wages rise, the gradual emergence of these labor-intensive industries to Southeast Asia . Data show that in 2012 transferred to the outside by the Guangdong has 41 investment projects, including the transfer of items to Malaysia and Vietnam,  they are textile clothing and footwear mainly. Affected by this, 40% of shoe machinery factories of the unit appeared generally received export orders or the phenomenon of rising export orders. Gerson machinery is a special die cutting machine in China ,they have sold many shoes die cutting machine to southeast Asia. Driven by profit, many other shoes machinery companies began to study shoe machine and expand overseas markets.

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