Nigeria Footwear Manufacturers Will Import More Shoes Machinery

China and the UAE-made shoes inroads into the Nigerian market, once the local footwear industry in Nigeria under tremendous pressure. The face of strong foreign invasion army shoes, many footwear manufacturers even want to be diverted.

But now a new survey said that Nigeria made shoes, especially sandals presented “counter-attack” situation for local consumers become more attractive.Made in Nigeria foot wears, especially slippers, were now preferred because of their simple design, finishing, easy to use and other features.The survey also showed that the local products were relatively cheaper than imported ones.

Many shoes manufacturers in Nigeria start to import more good quality shoes machinery for shoes production. Most of them start to ask and buy shoes cutting machine from Gerson machinery for leather and fabric shoes.Nigeria government may be to promote local technology and import more best quality of shoes machinery to attract investors and create jobs for teeming unemployed youths.That is good news for shoes machinery manufacturer.Nigeria will set up factories and employ more people so that they can meet up with local demand and even export more shoes and leather products.

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