Manufacturing processes for Sports Shoes

Manufacturing processes for Sports Shoes

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Sports shoes has been developed to a very high level, meticulous division of labor within the enterprise, the production process has been effectively run.
One pair of beautiful and practical shoes, were produced before the general said to have 15 processes,
1.Market research
2.Design development
3.New sample making
4.Sample Review
5.Sample order
6.orders accreditation
7.Materials Order
8.pre-production test
9.object detection
10.material storage
11.material cutting
12.upper sewing 13.Sole molding
14. product packaging
15.product warehousing
From this production process,we know material cutting is only one of steps which need to use shoes die cutting machine.Production process is easy to see from the above, a pair of shoe from order to final product, at least after 15 major areas, but also for each process division, up more than thirty procedure.
Shoe upper materials increased by only bottom composition, will seem dull monotone, in order to make it distinctive, showing different personality traits that people face in a relatively monotonous leather, mesh surface make a variety of colors, patterns and shape, which is processes. Technology plays a major role in decoration and can leave people feeling hazy, three-dimensional, metallic, sense of speed and other good feelings and aesthetic taste.
Generally speaking, from the material into the shoes need to go through the following ten steps:
Style design – open board – colors – cutting (including setting outsole, procurement of materials)
– Ingredients (HF, drop, embroidered) – sewing – Quality – molded – QA – Packaging

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