How to see whether it is genuine leather handbags

Want to easily see through simulation leather bags, imitation leather handbag scares those who make themselves feel at ease to buy genuine leather handbags, here to introduce the following five kinds of simple and practical method to identify the authenticity of the bag now.

1.Hand touch: touch the leather surface, if smooth, soft, plump, flexible feel is the dermis; while the general synthetic leather face astringent, rigid, soft and poor.
2.Hand: Use your fingers to press the leather surface, no visible pores leather wrinkles.
3.Seeing: real leather surface will have a clearer printed wool, pattern, yellow leather have a more symmetrical pores, yak skin has coarse pores and sparse, goatskin scaly pores. Leather without pores, which is an important feature, and the same texture, textures anywhere regardless of no change
4.Odor: all leather has the smell of leather; while the leather has a pungent smell of strong plastic.
5.Kindle: from real leather and leatherette back tore one o’clock fiber, lit, who issued a pungent odor, is formed lump of leather; those who sent hair smell, hard lump that does not bear the dermis.

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