How to identify natural leather and artificial leather

Real leather is a natural leather from animal hide of work. Fake leather is a synthetic leather or other similar leather, is the practice of basic chemical raw materials synthetic products. Natural leather structure is very complex, in order to seamlessly manufactured manually, the current conditions is extremely difficult, or even impossible. Sometimes fake leather will be “real”, the following methods can distinguish genuine leather out:
Step / methods

1.Natural leather is irregular shape, thickness is not uniform, the surface is often more or less, there was some light or heavy physical defects, with varying degrees of its surface smooth and detailed, General side abdominal relaxation, full leather material surface a clear pores and patterns. While the synthetic leather having a uniform thickness, smooth surface, no natural defects, which is also very uniform pores and floral.
2.For finished leather, leather is more difficult to distinguish between true and false, especially the small size, compact structure, can not see inside the leather products, the identification of these products is: look at the appearance, texture, uniform, no disability, no coarse pattern, without any defects may be artificial leather; while there are some differences in the texture of leather, leather products, especially primary and secondary parts of the binding site at the difference should be significantly more. Then carefully observed distribution and pore shape; natural leather and deep holes should not be more clear, slightly tilted; rather plain vertical pores may be modified synthetic leather upper leather. In addition, from the cross section view, natural leather fiber cross-section has its own characteristics, there are layers of fiber thickness variations. The synthetic leather substantially uniform fiber layers, the surface layer is a plastic film.
3 .Drip test: strong water absorption is natural leather, on the contrary may be artificial leather.
4 .Tension and flexibility test: natural leather has good elasticity and tension, on the contrary  is artificial leather.
5 .Blowing test: blowing against the skin, there will be leakage. It is precisely because genuine leather with this “anti-reverse performance,” When you put on leather, the cold effect is very obvious, and the formation of a good air permeability, which fully reflects the value of genuine leather.
6.Visual identification method: First, should leather patterns, pores, etc. to identify, in a natural leather surface you can see the pattern, the existence of pores and unevenly distributed, there is a negative animal fiber, side section, the level of clearly identifiable, the lower animal fiber, with a fingernail scratch test will appear ruffled leather fibers, there is a feeling of napping, a small amount of fiber can also be falling down, but opposite to see the fabric of synthetic leather, side no animal fibers, usually skin without pores, but some have leather artificial pores, pores will be obvious presence, some patterns are not obvious, or have more regular artificial patterns, pores are fairly consistent.When use die cutting machine for cutting the real leather and artifical leather ,you will see the pores ,fibre details exactly.
7.Hand identification method: Second hand leather elastic, bending the leather face down about 90 degrees will appear natural folds, respectively, different parts of bending, the resulting folds thickness, number, obviously uneven, which can be determined that the the dermis, because the true nature of the leather with natural uneven fibrous tissue, thus forming crease lines there was a marked uneven. The synthetic leather feel like plastic, recovery is poor, bend down how many folds thickness is similar.
8. Odor identification method: natural leather with an very strong fur flavor, even after treatment, the taste is more pronounced, artificial leather products, there are stocks of plastic taste, no smell of fur.
9.Burning identification method: mainly sniffing coke smell and look ashes status, natural leather burns with an odor of burning hair, burning ashes generally breakable into powder, and artificial leather after burning flames are more prosperous, shrink rapidly, and there are shares smelled plastic taste, after burning sticky, stiff after cooling will become lumpy.

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