Brazilian Leather Technology Made ​​A Major Breakthrough

Brazilian Leather Industry Association released data show that: March leather exports amounted to 1.9194 billion, compared with last year’s 1.7372 billion increased by 10.2% compared to February of this year, exports rose by 1.4%. Exports higher than last year, because this year’s leather prices higher than last year, the first three months of this year than the total weight of exports in 2011 and 2012 levels over the same period.

May exports of raw hides in Brazil hit a new high for two consecutive months. May Brazil’s original leather, semi-finished leather and leather exports grew by 16.8%, exports reached $ 229.3 million, growth of 5%, export volume growth of 16.9%. The first 5 months of total exports nearly one billion U.S. dollars, increased by 18.9% over last year, the number rose by 25.3%, reaching 14.5 million. Among them, 54.3% finished leather, leather billet 6.1%, wet blue leather accounted for 34.5%, 0.6% salt wet skin.

China, Hong Kong and Italy is still the main buyers of the three, the United States ranked fourth, while the fifth volume of exports dropped significantly, only one-tenth of China. In the export of leather, 54% of finished leather, 35% of wet blue leather, crust leather 6% and 4% split leather. A few years ago the Brazilian government began to take action by adjusting the export tax to promote export of finished leather, wet blue leather exports decrease, this practice highly controversial in the leather industry. Exports were the top three states in Sao Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul and Parana, it is worth mentioning that the Parana leather output value of only half of Sao Paulo.

In recent years, Brazilian leather industry has achieved rapid development and education in Brazil has an important relationship between the leather. In Brazil, on the outskirts of the picturesque New Hamburg, has a country house – like schools – Brazilian leather school. This is the first year students at the school internship venue. Although there are practical venue, but the equipment is factory really use the most advanced equipment. First semester students from the most basic to learn the theory and technology, mainly for the original skin peeled part of the study and practice. And teaching building is next to a very authoritative Brazilian leather testing laboratories. It integrated the entire school teaching has become the last one of this school’s landscape.

Meanwhile, the Brazilian leather technology research has also made a major breakthrough. Brazilian leather Biomechanics Research Laboratory, Institute Dr Milton, Brazil is the world’s only carried the leather comfort shoes of the countries studied, while the Brazilian Institute for conducting this study, only this one. Institute mainly for engineering, body mechanics and biology, with a number of countries have cooperation projects. Judging from the ratio of 90 per cent from local products technology research, while 10% are European and American research projects. Through different materials, different environment, different stress conditions to produce change research, the researchers obtained data from different people for the material needs of comfort, and make practical applications to improve the Brazilian leather industry market competitiveness.


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