China Fur and leather products industry overall slowdown run

The first quarter of this year, China’s leather, fur and products industry showed an overall slowdown run trend. Except fur and products industry continued last year’s rapid growth, the industry is still the current stable development of the new highlights.

According to statistics, this year’s first quarter, China fur and leather products and footwear sales revenue of 242.58 billion yuan, an increase of 12.9% over the 2012 year increased by two percentage points; total profit of 13.89 billion yuan, an increase of 9.3%, lower than the 2012 year-end 0.7 percent; exports $ 9.49 billion, an increase of 27% over the end of 2012 increased 17.2 percent, the industry is still growing at a steady state can be predicted.

Sale and export of data from the production point of view, fur clothing sales revenue growth of 32.9%, profit growth of 59.5%, export value growth rate as high as 36.5% and 64.8%, well above the industry average. In contrast, China’s footwear exports 2.6 billion pairs, an increase of 11.3%, of which only the leather shoes exports fell 0.6%, the growth rate as high as 57.6% for other footwear.

According to statistics, a quarter of China’s leather developed countries U.S., EU and Japan share of exports were 24.9%, 22.4% and 6%, respectively, year on year growth of 11.4%, 32.6% and 2.7%. ASEAN’s export growth up to 108.7%, overtook Japan to become the third largest export market. In addition, China’s leather industry market development efforts in developing countries to increase and become a major force foreign trade growth points, including export growth in Africa up to 58%.

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