Computerized flat knitting machine main brands and a major manufacturing place

Computerized flat knitting machine is a weft knitting needle plate latch needle loom. It’s like a set of triangular device flat cam, needle stitch cam can enter a channel, the mobile triangle, forcing the knitting needle in the needle plate slot for a regular lifting movement, and through the needle hook and needle tongue action , can be woven into yarn knitted. Needles during ascent, the coil gradually withdraw the needle hook, open the tongue and the tongue hanging out of the needle in the needle bar; needles during descent, the needle hook hook yarn put new pads, and traction bent into a coil, the coil of the same original prolapse needle hook, the new from the old coil passes through the coil, the coil in series with the old, many of the string woven knitted coils interconnected to form a knitted fabric.

Currently, the global computerized flat knitting machine main producing countries are Germany, Japan, Switzerland, China and other countries. Among them, the German production of computerized flat knitting machine has the longest history, Switzerland, Japan Second, China had mainly to produce hand knitting machine and electric knitting machine based, since 2000, began to gradually enter into the computerized flat knitting machine development and production, and through the technology to track and achieve rapid development.

Computerized flat knitting machine main production bases: Zhejiang Puyuan, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, Guangdong Dalang, Hebei Qinghe other places. Currently, the global computer knitting machine main brands are: Germany Stoll knitting machine; Japan Shima Seiki computer flat knitting machine; China’s Chee Sing computerized flat knitting machine; Switzerland Steiger computerized flat knitting machine. Italy PROTTI computerized flat knitting machine. These are the world’s five largest computerized flat knitting machine brands, but with the market development, Swiss Steiger computerized flat knitting machine has been acquired Chee Sing, while Italy PROTTI were China Hengtian Group acquisition.

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