China Leather Association third expansion of the Seventh Council meeting will be held

China Leather Association third expansion of the Seventh Council meeting will be held ceremoniously on 2-3 September, .  2013, the global economic recovery encounter many ups and downs, at the same time, with China’s own economic growth slowed in the various sectors under this environment are facing a new round of reshuffle and adjustment.

Rising costs, shrinking orders, high inventory, “blade” profits, financing difficulties, environmental pressures, such as terminal restricted signs behind whether it is an unprecedented big changes are brewing? In the vagaries of the situation, how the leather industry to find the path to rebirth? confusion in many behind the whole industry to seek answers to the difficult exploration.

The meeting will focus on “innovation-driven circular leather power dream” as the theme, inviting national ministries leadership, the country’s leather industry production, operation, research institutions, vice chairman, executive director, member units, the country where the leather industry associations, chambers of commerce representatives, regional characteristics of the location of the leather industry committees, governments and leading authorities to attend to discuss the new situation, how the leather industry driven by innovation, steady progress, stable and promising, steady demand excellent, restructuring and development, for the leather industry to achieve by the world powers made leather leather power across a solid foundation.

At the meeting, the relevant state ministries and leadership development of leather industry will be instructive suggestions, analyzes the development trend of China’s macroeconomic policies and the future direction of our industry, and leather industry development strategies and priorities to make arrangements. China Leather Association Su Chaoying, will make “2013 economic operation of China’s leather industry analysis and forecasting” an important speech to the data as detailed and full support of the industry to analyze economic performance and forecasting, as judged industry developments and future trends to provide guidance.

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