Thermoforming Sheet Cutting Machine

Gerson Thermoforming  Sheet Cutting Machine is die cutting for Thermoforming  plastic in sheet so also called Thermoforming plastic sheet cutting machine.This type of die cutting machine is good for cutting many material:leather,fabric,paper,rubber,cork,wood etc.,
Thermoforming  Sheet Cutting Machine

The Thermoforming  Sheet most made for plastic packaging:Medical Device Packaging,Electronics Packaging,Automation Trays,Consumer Packaging,Industrial Packaging,Pharmaceutical Packaging,Cosmetic Packaging,plastic Trays,container,Clamshell Packaging,Blister Packaging,Containers, Boxes, Cups, Lids, Punnets, Bowls, Plates etc.,

1. Using four-pillar type and double connecting rods double precision balance, which reaches the high- tonnage cutting force and saves the energy.
2.Lubrication system can guarantee the machine precision and prolong service life.
3.Easily be obtained trimming device, the best cutting knife die and cutting board long validity.
4.Using the flywheel inertia can instantly cutting material.

5.Further information,please contact us.Gerson accept custom build.

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