Hydraulic system leak

Hydraulic system leak
Hydraulic drive system with small size, light weight, power, smooth operation, stepless speed regulation, etc., in a variety of cranes are widely used. But the hydraulic drive transmission efficiency than other drive, easy to produce faulty and fault analysis and troubleshooting more difficult. Therefore, the required use of maintenance personnel to have some basic knowledge of the hydraulic system.
Hydraulic system leaks, there are two fixed seal leaks and seal leaks movement, fixed seal leakage site includes Bottom, each pipe joint connections, etc., sports including cylinder rod seal parts multi-way valve stem and other parts. The leakage from the oil can be divided into internal leakage and external leakage, external leakage of hydraulic oil from the primary system is leaking into the environment, internal leakage is due to the high pressure side of the pressure difference and the sealing member such as the failure reasons, within the system, the hydraulic oil flowing from the high pressure side of the low pressure side

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