GLFF2013 established goals exceeded 20,000 buyers

For professional services in the majority of exhibitors and visitors, creating a strong atmosphere of the show, so that industry professionals abreast GLFF2013(Guangzhou International Leather & Footwear Fair 2013)exhibition information and related developments, today GLFF2013 advocacy work has already started.

GLFF2013 has two major domestic investment and international investment lineup. Domestically, GLFF2013 Organizing Committee through the efforts of over 200 related media to get the support of more than 50 professional through newspapers, magazines, websites and exhibitions on glff2013 process real-time tracking reports, the exhibition information in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta as the focus, radiation country and even around the world. In order to show the information materialized, GLFF2013 committee staff personally visited the major second-tier cities  footwear market, mall development will send the audience tickets, but also through the powerful database data show tickets mailed directly to every professional audience hands.

For the exhibition at the international publicity the Organizing Committee never slack, the exhibition in more than 30 foreign media and propaganda magazine published information, the International Department of the Commissioner by e-mail, telephone, etc. invite invite every one professional international buyers to visit, purchase, negotiate.

Organizing the investment work as a whole, the most important exhibition event will be invited from the European Union, the Middle East, the United States, Japan, France, Britain, Italy, Australia, South Korea and other countries and regions around the country and Chinese suppliers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, department stores, online shopping companies, chain stores, gift shops, state government agencies and organizations procurement centers, enterprises and institutions offices, industry associations / chambers of commerce, foreign embassies commerce Department, crafts designer and other professional buyers. Focus invitation electricity providers, network operators, import and export trading company attend the show. According to today’s audience to register the situation, then, the number of professional buyers are expected to exceed 20,000, of which foreign visitors ratio will reach 45%.

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