Chinese leather footwear need to change the OEM model

Footwear and leather industry is an important industry in China’s national economy, but also the traditional industries, employing tens of millions. Annual demand in the world market share of 15 billion pairs of shoes, the “Made in China” more than 10 billion pairs. But in recent years, the Chinese footwear industry thriving produce fission, barriers to international trade, the RMB appreciation, rising labor costs and labor shortages, rising raw material prices, land resources, expensive, and many other factors threaten our survival and development of shoe-making enterprises. The emerging economies, Vietnam, India, Indonesia and other countries for its low cost of human resources and other advantages of the rapid development of the footwear industry, “Made in China” in the global market share rapidly declined.

More worrying is that due to the long buried oem, most of our footwear enterprise management level is low, brand building and marketing awareness is weak, not strong R & D capability, ability to resist market risk is very fragile, internal and external environment in the past few years a lot of shoe companies or loss or collapse.

“One shoe companies alone have the power, simply can not reverse this change in industry structure and market environment.” CPPCC National Committee, the Standing Committee of the National Federation of Dongguan Jian Hua Group chairman Zhang Huarong expounded on many public occasions that view, he stressed: “must use the power and advantages of the tertiary industry, secondary industry, supporting and cooperation, reversing the shoe the passive situation of the industry and accelerate China’s footwear industry to strengthen the transition to ensure that China’s footwear industry superpower. “

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