movable head clicker press

Gerson movable head  is  known as best workable die cutting machine or moving head clicker press for the most soft and semi-rigid material including:Carpet,Card,Flooring,Shoe Materials,Cork,Leather,Rubber,Electronics,Felt,Paper,Sponge,Craft Products,Plastic,Foam,Gasket materials,Textiles

movable head clicker press

1.Gantry frame structure is adopted, with high intensity and without deformation.
2. The cutting head can automatically move horizontally, with excellent operating visual field and safe and reliable operation.
3. The lifting position of pressing board can be freely set to reduce idle travel and enhance work efficiency.
4. The movement of punch head is controlled by automatic speed variation to realize flexible movement with accurate positioning and without impact.
5. Differential oil way is adopted to allow rapid and convenient cutting
6.We can build to suit your production requirements – we welcome your request for a machine specific to you.

Cutting Force: from 20 up to 150 Tons
Cutting Bed: from 1500 x 500 mm up to 2300 x 1500 mm
Cutting Head: up to 1500 x 1500 mm

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