The 12th Guangzhou International Footwear Fair opening soon

November 7, 2013 , 2013 Twelfth Guangzhou International Footwear Fair ( including shoe exhibition , shoe machine exhibition ) , will be in Guangzhou – Pazhou – Poly World Trade Expo kicked off. This exhibition exhibition from November 7 to 9, 2009, which lasted three days .

First International Footwear Exhibition in Asia , known as the “Guangzhou International Footwear Exhibition” , at the last exhibition , unprecedented. Up to 36,800 square meters of exhibition area , the distribution of more than 600 exhibitors . And during the show , the exhibition attracted a total commodities from 27 countries and regions, more than 35,000 professional visitors and buyers attending procurement. Which accounted for almost half of the overseas buyers . Outside of the show is more than a compliment , have praised it is a professional exhibition. The size of the exhibition , the flow of people , goods quality and quality , diverse styles , etc., are undoubtedly one of the most attractive features .

With the advent of autumn 2013 , exhibitors from around the world and different countries and regions have begun to actively Pavilion exhibitors . More powerful lineup of exhibitors this time , worse than the last , adding a number of new exhibitors , such as the first exhibition of the Italian Area Chamber of Commerce . This is expressed major chambers of commerce in the Chinese market seriously. The exhibition scale will reach 45,000 square meters , is expected to have over 40,000 professional sellers to purchase.

The show will have new T station sets to build a new , fully enclosed theater stage , holding color Beijing , double-bay full video , produced for the participating exhibitors free CD , in order to be used for other promotion. While also performing more than fashion exhibition, presumably it was a grand occasion

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