New Hydraulic Clicker Press

Gerson brand new hydraulic  clicker press for sale and also accept any custom build new hydraulic clicker press:

New Hydraulic Clicker Press

1.Auto Die Height Adjustment
2.Polypropylene Cutting Pad
3.Machine Bed: from small area to big area 20″ x 47″ (500 x 1200mm)
Beam Width: 20″,24″ (500 m-610mm)
4.Two hand operation and fast .
5.Hydrauli clicker can custom build

Model GSB,GR,GRA serials
Maximum   Cutting Force 8Tons,10,12,14,15,16,18,20,22,25,27,28,30 ton
Cutting speed 0.085m/s
Adjustable stroke 5-180mm or more
Tension distance 60-190mm or more
Cuttting table size 650×330mm,800,900×430mm,1000,1200×500,600mm
size 660×780×1500mm to 1350×1180×1700mm
Motor Power 0.75KW to 1.5Kw
Net Weight (N.W.) 550Kgs to 1200kgs

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