Replacement of hydraulic oil and oil filter for clicker press

Replacement of hydraulic oil and oil filter for clicker press

After approximately clicker press five year’s work the oil and oil filter under the pump must be replaced. To carry out this operation, remove the shield on the left side of the machine base and siphon out all the oil using a small pump, such as the mechanical pumps used for application on portable hand drills. At this point, the right hand shield can be removed for better access to the oil tank. Clean thoroughly to remove all deposit from the bottom of the tank.
The filter can be removed by gripping it with the right band and pushing it towards the bottom of the oil tank, pressing down on the spring which maintains it inserted inside the pump suction opening.

For all physical-chemical characteristics of the oil to be used on the machine, please refer to the unified mark “ISO 46 3,8o Engler at 50℃” easily recognised by all hydraulic oil retailers.

Check the paragraph “TECHNICAL INFORMATION” for the amount of oil necessary, and refer to the paragraph “PRELIMINARY CHECKS” for the oil level position, remembering that as a rule, while the press is running, the oil circulation should not create turbulence with the air present in the tank.

According to environmental rulings,all waste oil must be collected in adequate rulings and delivered to specialists in the disposal of polluting substances.

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