Gerson machinery January-April sales rose nearly 40 percent more sales

This year is really good news for Gerson machinery ,the company sales increase very quickly.Gerson machinery as leading die cutting machine that including die clicker press,traveling head cutting machine and full beam cutting machine.

Gerson machinery
Gerson machinery CNC traveling head press

Gerson machinery January-April sales rose nearly 40 percent more sales in January- April is refreshed monthly sales turnover of the historical record , and create another milestone . In the slow economic recovery , the market is still not get rid of cold today , surpassing market expectations again.
Changes in the market situation , there is no sustained peak, there is no going trough. Walking on the market, like a crossing between the mountains, in every aspect of the challenges brought about by the constantly changing market perception . Facing the market , it should stick to what it requires judgment and do not lose heart because of fluctuations . Therefore , Gerson machinery sales concern , more attention to things behind the numbers .

“The current score is an affirmation of our recognition of our continuous innovation in technology, business model , management , creation, affirmed the direction of specialization . Sale value passed is the beginning , not the end , purchasing , production, quality , delivery and after sales service , every link in reshaping the value of the product , we have to do is to make value-added products and services continue , and eventually put into production operations, create more value for our customers . ” Deputy General Manager , said in an interview,”Most increase products are the automatic die cutting machine ,such as CNC traveling head press ,automatic full beam cutting machine ,these products are very welcome by customers.”

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