Big Hydraulic Swing arm die cutting machine

The machine is one of the die cutting machine .It is suitable for large areas of material cut.

1.Operation with double hands,safe and reliable.
2.The machine is installed with central oil supply lubrication,reflowing and filtering system.Which can fully lubricate the main shaft and prolong the service life of machine.
3.The height of return travel of pressing board can be set freely,which reduces unnecessary idle travel.
4.products of special specifications can be customized.
5.The machine does not appear uneven cutting depth.

Model MGR-10/12/15/16/17 MGR-10/12/15/16/17
Gantry width 1000mm-1600mm 1000mm-1700mm
Cutting thickness 64mm 80mm
Adjustment range of worktable 50mm-200mm 50mm-200mm
Cutting frequency 76/min 76/min
Max Cutting Force 15T-20T 18T-25Tons
Motor power 3Kw 3Kw

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