ARES F45 F50 F60 F70 hydraulic cutting machine

ARES F45 F50 F60 F70 hydraulic cutting machine is 20T or 20 ton to 27T/28T or 27 ton/28 ton die cutting machine .It is the same as Gerson GR model clicker press, or swing arm cutting machine .You could see the below photo and details.

ares f45 f50 f60 f70 hydraulic cutting machine
ares f45 f50 f60 f70 hydraulic cutting machine






Max. cutting power

20 ton

27 ton

 27 ton

27 ton

Maximum stroke(mm)





Cutting table(mm)

 900 x 430

 900 x 450

1000 x 500

1200 x 500

Arm width(mm)





Motor power

HP. 1

HP. 1,5

HP. 1,5

HP. 1,5

Net weight with oil

Kg. 570

Kg. 780

Kg. 840

Kg. 910

Sizes about (mm)

 1000 x 900
h. 935

900 x 1000
h. 1370

1000 x 1000
h. 1370

 1200 x 1030
h. 1370

Sizes sea packing(mm)

1050 x 1085
h. 1500

1050 x 1150
h. 1570

1150 x 1150
h. 1570

1350 x 1180
h. 1570

Gross weight and volume with sea packing

Kg. 640

Kg. 900

Kg. 980

Kg. 1055

Gerson is the leading die cutting machine manufacture which focus on die cutting press machine more than 30 years.Gerson have their top  technology and manufacturing for die cutting press machine.

1.The above hydraulic die cutting machine are used for cutting plastics ,fabric,leather ,paper ,cardbaord,MDF board,cork,foam ,sponge,film,eva,epe,pe etc., plastic and rubber material.

2.If you want to die cut out any shapes ,it is the right place for you .The die cutting mahcine is working with any shaped die molds (Gerson also can make the die molds for you).

3.If you need any custom requirement for your production ,Gerson have custom manual and automatic throughfeed and pushfeed the material to help you optimize the use of all raw materials for your unique production needs.And the cutting table size ,pressure ,stroke ,feed type etc., all can custom build .

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