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20T Cutting Press

Gerson 20T cutting press is die cutting press have cutting force 20 tons or near about 200KN cutting power .Gerson also have die cutting press from 8 tons,10 tons,12,14,15,16,18,20,25,27 tons swing arm type die cutting press.

20T Cutting Press
20T Cutting Press

1. The cutting press is applicable to cutting of various nonmetal materials by cutting die.

2. The oil way system specially designed can conveniently adjust the rocker height.
No adjustment is needed after the height of cutting die is changed.

3. High speed and low energy consumption. With only power of 0.75KW, it can output the cutting force of 22T.

4. To meet the need of frequent replacement of cutting die of different sizes, another type of machine that can timely output three kinds of cutting force is available for selection.

5. Ductile cast iron body made the machine be used for a very long time and small noise.


Model GR-220,GR-220/3,270,270/3
Max cutting force 22T,27T
Working area 900X430mm,1000X500mm
Swing arm width 370mm,500mm
Cutting stroke 90mm
Motor power 1.1KW
Electric Supply Voltage 3×440/415/400/380/220/200V, 50/60 Hz
Single phase 240V/220V, 50/60 Hz
Machines dimensions 900X820X1400mm
Packing size 1050X1000X1500mm
N.W(with oil) 650kg
G.W 740kg

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