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22 Ton clicker press

Gerson 22 Ton clicker press is designed for cutting leather, vinyl, textiles, plastics, foam,  paper,  gaskets and many other materials.

22 Ton clicker press
22 Ton clicker press

Gerson machinery have from 5 ton to 500 ton. Gerson have beam presses, Four post beam presses, traveling head presses and CNC traveling head presses,CNC beam press. Gerson accept custom build for any material and production application.

1.Automatic stroke-end setting-up to use cutting knives of different heights without any adjustment.

2.Control push-buttons with built-in device for 5/10 of second maximum delay operation to ensure positive safety.

3.Two push-buttons and one potentiometer to set the cutting power.

4.The main control organs are covered by international patents.

5.The cutting force from 22 tons to 27 tons.

6.Three button handle is available.

Model Maximum Cutting power(ton) Area of work table(mm) Swaying arm width Cutting table Motor power Machine dimensions(mm) Net weight(with oil) Gross weight
GRA-220 216KN(22Ton) 900×430 370mm 90mm 0.75Hp 900×850×h1400 650kg 750kg
GRA-270 264.6KN(27Ton) 1000×500 370mm 90mm 1.1Hp 1000×1050×h1410 850kg 900kg

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