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25 ton cutting machine

Gerson 25 ton cutting machine is 25 ton clicker press .

25 ton cutting machine
25 ton cutting machine


1. It is used to cut vamp, sole, leather, rubber, chemical fiber, hand paper, cotton textile, etc.
2. It is equiped with a lubricating system, to reduce wear and prolong its service life.

3.The oil way system specially designed can conveniently adjust the rocker height. No adjustment is needed after the height of die cutter is changed.
4. AN electronic time lapse system can better quality of your products and make operation simply, convenient.

5.High speed and low energy consumption.

Model GSB-2C/12T GSB-2C/14T GSB-2C/20T GSB-2C/25T
Maximum Cutting Force 120KN 140KN 200KN 250KN
Sway arm width 330x450mm 340x450mm 350x450mm 350x550mm
Effctive area of worktable 900x400mm 900x400mm 1000x500mm 1000x500mm
Distance between upper table and lower table 60x140mm 60x140mm 65x150mm 65x150mm
Stroke range 5-55mm 5-55mm 5-75mm 5-75mm
Motor power 0.75kw 1.1kw 1.5kw 1.5kw

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