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25T Traveling Head Press

Gerson traveling head press with 25T tonnes cutting force.This traveling head press for die cutting leather,fabric ,paper ,fiber,cork etc.,  similar material.Gerson also have more large cutting force traveling head press.

25T Traveling Head Press
25T Traveling Head Press

1). Adopting the structure of gantry framework, so the machine has high intensity and keep its shape.

2). The punch head can automatically move transversely, so visual field is perfect and the operation is safe.

3). Return stroke of the platen can be set arbitrarily to reduce idle stroke and improve efficiency.

4). Using differential oil way, cut is rapid and easy.

5). The lifting position of pressing board can be freely set to reduce idle travel and enhance work efficiency.

6). The movement of cutting head is controlled by automatic speed variation to realize flexible movement with high speed and accurate positioning and without impact.

7). The hydraulic system specially designed is featured by low noise and low oil consumption.

8). Products of special specifications can be customized. is available  for selection.

Model GRM(A)-25,30,40,50,60,80,100
Max Cutting Force 25 tons,30 tons ,40 tons,50 tons,60 tons,80 tons,100 tons
Cutting table Widths 1800~2500mm or more
Cutting Head/Movable trolley 500 x 500mm up to 1000 x 1000mm
Gerson can make the cutting machine according to your specifical requirement :such as cutting force power,worktable size,motor,etc.,

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