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Auto Balance Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine

Gerson Auto Balance Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine is suitable for cutting leather, plastic,composite, fabric,nylon paper cartons,blister packing,sponge and synthetic fiber etc.,

Auto Balance Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine
Auto Balance Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine

1.Automatic self-balancing connecting rod which can maintain the equal pressure of each cutting position.
2.The main shaft is equipped withauto lubricating system to prolong service life.
3.The beam press board of cutting carries out slow cutting when it contacts the die cutter, which can make that there is no size error between the uppermost layer and lowermost layer of cut materials.
4.The unique setting construction,combine with the cutting knife and cutting height which ca make stoke simple and accurate.
5.Any special requirement ,welcome to contact us.We could build according to your detailed request,such as the cutting area,cutting force etc.,

Model GRF-25/30/35 to 300T
Maximum cutting force 25-300Tons
Distance from upper pressing board to worktable 50-200mm
Cutting area 1200,1600,1800,2000,×500,600,800,1000mm
Motor power 5.5KW
Electric Supply Voltage 3×440/415/400/380/220/200V, 50/60 Hz
Machine weight (approximate) 1500Kg -9000Kg


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