10 ton cutting machine

10 ton and 12 ton cutting machine

10 cutting machines is a swing arm cutting machine  also known as clicking presses or clicker presses.This kind  cutting machine have a swing arm which is easily operation. The advantage and features: 1. safe and simple to operate with the operator having only to place the material on the bed of the press, position the cutting tool …

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10 ton clicker press

10 ton clicker press is the cutting pressure power have 10 tons .In fact ,Gerson machinery have 5 tons from 28 tons clicker press machine for die cutting soft and semi-rigid material. The following 10 ton clicker press features: 1. Rotation of swing arm is flexible, and operation and materials selection is convenient. 2. High quality seamless …

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100 kn clicker press

As a leading clicker press manufacturer ,Gerson machinery have various clicker presses for choice.The 100 kn clicker press is one of Gerson presses with 100 kn cutting force. 1.There also have 80 kn,120 kn,140/150/160 kn ,180 kn,200 kn,250 kn,270/280 kns cutting force. 2.The die cutting machine can be cut for leather ,fabric,plastic,rubber,foam,etc., 3.The automatic oil-supplied lubricating system, which can …

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