14 ton cutting machine

14T cutting machine 14 ton swing arm press

Gerson 14T cutting machine is  swing arm cutting machine for the most small pieces die cutting of leather,fabric,cork,rubber,plastic ,cardboard,foam etc.,It is perfect for using in industry and shops. 1.14T is 14 tonnages cutting force power ,also other cutting force is available from 8 tons to 30 tons. 2.cutting table size from normal 800,900*400,450 to 1000*500mm size.more large …

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14T clicker press machine for leather and fabric

Gerson clicker press machine for leather and fabric with 14T cutting force. 1.14 ton cutting force for die cutting different soft and semi-rigid material.Also other 8 tons,12 tons,15 tons,16 ton,18 ton,20 ton,25 ton,27 ton. 2.Specially designedoil system, can easily adjust the height of the swing arm, after change cutter height, you do not need to make any adjustments. 3.Effortless operation, simple, low failure rate, and nontraditional cutting machine noise, less failure, easy maintenance. 4.Upper and lower countertops smooth precision, each cutting point force. 5..Adopting electronic timer control stroke lower limit position, easy access to the best cutting position, high precision, fast speed, and low energy consumption. 6.Any special requirement ,please contact Gerson machinery. Model GSB model Maximum Cutting Force 14 tons Cutting speed 0.085m/s Adjustable …

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14T swing beam clicker press

14T swing beam clicker press  is die cutting machine that design and manufactured by Gerson machinery. 1.The movable swing beam easily moved and good quality of clicker press body. 2.The swing beam clicker press is  widely used in many industry such as shoes ,garment,leather products,small paper product,fabric pad ,cork product etc., 3.The height of swing arm is regulated by …

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