22 ton cutting machine

22 Ton clicker press

Gerson 22 Ton clicker press is designed for cutting leather, vinyl, textiles, plastics, foam,  paper,  gaskets and many other materials. Gerson machinery have from 5 ton to 500 ton. Gerson have beam presses, Four post beam presses, traveling head presses and CNC traveling head presses,CNC beam press. Gerson accept custom build for any material and production application. 1.Automatic stroke-end setting-up …

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220 Kn 22T clicker press

Gerson 220 kn 22T clicker press is about 220 kn or  22 tons cutting pressure Gerson brand die cutting press that applicable to cutting of various nonmetal materials such as fabric,paper, gaskets, leather, cork, rubber, elastic, foam etc., 1.The machine is working with the cutting die which can die cut any shapes from the original material. 2.The oil way system …

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