8 ton cutting machine

8 ton clicker press

This 8 ton clicker press put in at home make use of and uses flat back forged steel dies, which can be the most cost effective dies to fabricate. The swing arm press includes a two button, anti tie-down, anti repeat system that assures maximum safety. Another unique feature of this machine is always that it accommodates …

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8 ton mini clicker press

Gerson 8 ton mini  clicker press is mini punch press  for soft and semi-rigid material:leather,fabric,plastic,rubber,paper etc., This is great for die cutting small pieces of material.That can die cutting out any shapes by the custom designed dies . 1.Easy operated by two hand ,safe. 2.hydraulic system driven cutting power. 3.The cutting table can be 600,800*360,400mm or 900*400mm,450mm,500mm 5.Cutting …

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