gasket cutting machine

Rubber gasket cutting machine

Gerson die cutting machine can be for most rubber gaskets and o-rings.Gerson could do custom made special requirement,such as the cutting table size,cutting force ,etc., 1. traveling head press for gasket 1.Die cutting for soft or semi-rigid material :leather,fabric,paper,plastic,rubber,cork,foam etc., 2.single layer or multi-layers with feeding in sheet or in rolls 3.High speed with moving head cutting . 4.Strong …

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Steel Rule Die Cut Gaskets Machine

Gerson Steel Rule Die Cut Gaskets Machine is die cutting machine for “punch cutting out” different shapes from non-metallic materials including the following gaskets :Food Grade Gaskets, Rubber Gaskets, Paper Gaskets, Fiber Gaskets, Sponge Rubber Gaskets, Cork and Cork Rubber gaskets are part of the endless list of materials that can be converted by die cutting. Most …

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Gasket clicker press

The Gerson gasket clicker press that used for cutting out the material for making gasket .The gasket material can be rubber,paper,foam,paper,fiber,Non Asbestos / Cork etc., 1.Gerson clicker press can die cut from paper, felts, and fabrics to rubber, corks, films, and plastics, Gerson die cutting machine can also have the other small to big machine for   your company …

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