PVC Die Cutting Machine

PVC Die Cutting Machine

Gerson die cutting machine for PVC is die cutting machine for PVC sheet,PVC film,PC film,PVC,PE roll etc., Gerson have full cutting machine and kiss cutting machine for PVC,PC,PE sheet,film etc., One: full cutting machine ,Normal beam cutting machine is used for the above material ,also the other soft and semi-rigid This die cutting machine most used for large area soft material die cutting .The cutting area …

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Refrigerator Magnets cutting press

Gerson Fridge Magnets cutting machine is for die cutting Fridge Magnets or Refrigerator magnet,PVC rubber Plastic keychain , and similar products.Most Fridge magnets made from PVC Rubber ,EVA etc., Gerson could design and manufacture the cutting machine for customers detailed production requirement.Accept custom build . 1.Easy to operate with swing arm and button press. 2.Economic cost and stable working …

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