Rocker Arm Cutting Machine

Rocker Arm Cutting Machine

Gerson rocker arm cutting machine is rocking type arm die cutting machine .It is widely used for cutting any shape of small leather,fabric,rubber,paper,board,cork etc., 1. The machine is applicable to cutting of various nonmetal materials by die cutter. 2. The oil way system specially designed can conveniently adjust the rocker height.No adjustment is needed after the height of die cutter is changed. 3. High speed and low energy consumption. With only power of 0.75KW,  it can output the cutting force of 20T. 4. To meet the need of frequent replacement of die cutters of different sizes,  another type of machine that can timely output three kinds of cutting force is available for selection. Model Maximum Cutting power(ton) Area of work table(mm) Swaying arm width Cutting table Motor power Machine dimensions(mm) Net weight(with oil) Gross weight GRA-220 216KN(22Ton) 900×430 370mm 90mm 0.75Hp 900×850×h1400 …

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Rocking Arm Cutting machine

The rocking arm cutting machine also known as rocker arm cutting machine which is the special die cutting with the upper rocking moving arm .It is very easy operation for die cutting the material such as leather ,cloth,plastic and rubber sheet in roll or sheet. 1.The rocking arm cutting machine is main suitable for cutting various nonmetals materials by …

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