swing arm press

manual swing arm press

Gerson manual swing arm press is manual clicker press which is for small and medium pieces soft and semi-rigid material :leather,fabric,plastic,rubber,textile,paper,board etc., 1.Easy to operate with swing arm and button press. 2.Economic cost and stable working function. 3.Two hands switches operate to ensure the operator is safe and easy. 4.The position of the swing arm is …

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large width swing head die cutting press machine

Gerson large width swing head press is  swing arm cutting machine with large width head or arm.Normal head is less 500mm or 20″.Gerson have 600mm or 24″ head width  die cutting machine  for large cutting-outs products. 1.Cutting force and cutting width ,table size can custom build. 2.Two hand operated for safety 3.it is easily moved arm for changing the …

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