Swing Head Cutting Machine

Swing Head Cutting Machine

Gerson machinery have  many models swing head cutting machine which is  die cutting machine with swing head or swing arm ,so called swing head cutting machine. Gerson swing head cutting machine from 8 tons to 28 tons.There have three serials number :GSB,GR,GRA. These swing head cutting machine are widely used for cutting leather,rubber,plastic,cork,paper,sandpaper,fabric,textile etc.,soft and semi-rigid any non-metallic products. 1. The …

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Swing Head Clicking Press

Gerson swing head clicking press is clicking press with swing head or beam .It is widely used for products manufactured in soft or semi rigid materials:leather,fabric etc., 1.Safe, two-hand twin button operation. Both operating buttons must be pressed simultaneously for the stroke to be activated. 2.it is good for die cutting single or several layers material . 3.The inertial energy of …

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