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Clicking Press With Rotating Arm

Gerson clicking press with rotating arm is one of die cutting press that can cut any other soft and semi-rigid material.

Clicking Press With Rotating Arm
Clicking Press With Rotating Arm

1. The clicking press machine is applicable for cutting on nonmetal materials with any shaped cutting die or knife.

2. Flexible rotation of swing arm for convenient operation and material selection.

3. Adopt double hand operation switch to guarantee the safety of operators.

4.The machine is equipped with automatic oil-supplied lubricating system, reducing wear and prolong its service life.

5. To meet the need of frequent replacement of die cutters of different sizes, another type of machine that can timely output three kinds of cutting force is available  for selection.

Model Number GSB,GR,GRA serials
Cutting area 650×330mm,800,900×430mm,1000,1200×500,600mm
Arm width 370*275mm,500mm,600mm
M.C.F. 8Tons,10,12,14,15,16,18,20,22,25,27,28,30 ton
Power 2HP
Stroke 5-95mm
G.W. 550Kgs to 1200kgs
N.W. 500kg to 1100kgs
Color custom built
Dimensions 650*750*1500mm ,more
Packing size 800*850*1700mm ,more
Voltage three/single phase,380v/220v
Hydraulic oil 46# 48# 68#
Function Die cutting
Automatic Grade Semi-Automatic
Machine Die cutting
Driven Type Hydraulic
Type Swing head
Condition New

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