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Custom build die cutting machine

Gerson machinery focus on design and manufacture in custom cutting machine according to customer production requirement.

Custom build die cutting machine
Custom build die cutting machine

The custom cutting machine for soft and rigid material in sheet or roll types.Due to 20 years manufacturing and design ,we have build the wide range of industries and products cutting machine. Gerson will help you with cutting technology and equipment needs.

1.From the smallest 5 Ton to the largest 500 Tons.
2.Cutting are from 300*280mm to any size according material requirement.
3.Inboard and outboard material conveyors
4.Manual tool rails
5.Pneumatic adjustable tool rails
6.Board rails to clamp cutting board  to press head
7.Material feed rollers
8.Automatic knock-out systems
9.Material alignment
10.Automatic cutting pad shifter
11.Edge sensing
12.Automatic tool changing
13.Tool racking
14.Material feed gantries and many other options.

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