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EVA foam clicker press

The EVA foam clicker press is the die cutting press manufactured by Gerson machinery.It is the small type die cutting machinery great for cutting EVA foam,EPE foam or any similar products and material.

EVA foam clicker press
EVA foam clicker press

1.It can die cut any size shapes from the material .It work with any type of cutting die/knife/mould .

2.Cutting pressure and daylight are set by the operator and double hand operation.There have may type of  model for choice different size and pressure.

3.The machine can die cut sheet or roller .The bigger size of material can be used Gerson  beam press  for cutting the wide foam.

4.Any requirement for the production ,please contact Gerson machinery.

Maximum cutting capacity:8T-28t
Stroke range: 5-75mm
Cutting Region:900,1000 X400,500,600 mm
Engine power: 0.75kw,1.1Kw
N.W: 500-1000 kg

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