Front and rear beam moving cutting machine

Front and rear beam moving cutting machine is Receding Head Full Beam Die Cutting Presswhich is used for large sheet or roll material die cutting .

Front and rear beam moving cutting machine
Front and rear beam moving cutting machine

1.The upper beam or head can move forward or backward so that the upper beam retracts to the back of the machine after each stroke.So that it will increse the visiblility of the cutting surface for precise die placement for small or pre-printed sheets

2.It is can be die cutting the material in larger sheets or materials in roll form material such as Fabric,Abrasives,Carpet,Cork,Felt,Foam Sponge,Leather,Paper Card,Rubber etc.,

3.This full beam four column press is using double hydraulic cylinders coupled with with double balanced yoke, self lubricated bushings .

4.Easy operation with two-hand or automatic operation mode, programmable with protection system, protective covers.

5.The press pressure ,cutting table size ,stroke etc., can custom built by Gerson .

.Gerson accept any custom build die cutting machine for your production ,welcome to contact Gerson.

Model Maximum Cutting power(ton) Area of work table(mm) Press Board Stroke      range Distance between upper pressing board and worktable Motor power Machine dimensions(mm) Net weight
GRH-35 350KN(35T) 1600*610mm 1600*600mm 0-110mm 60-160mm 3KW 2320*1400*1520mm 2400kg
GRH-500 500KN(50T) 1600*610mm 1600*600mm 0-110mm 60-160mm 4KW 2320*1600*1720mm 4000kg
GRH-80 800KN(80T) 1600*820mm 1600*800mm 0-120mm 60-180mm 4KW 2320*1600*1720mm 5500kg
GRH-120 1200KN(120T) 1600*820mm 1600*800mm 0-120mm 60-180mm 5.5KW 2320*1600*1720mm 6500kg
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