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GCT clicker press

GCT is Global Cutting Technologies which is supplier of industrial cutting equipment, encompassing hydraulic die cutting press:clicker press ,traveling head press,beam cutting press, rotary die cutting machine.Include:Rotary Die Cutting Systems,Water Jet Cutting Machines,CNC Knife Cutting Machines,Medical Industry Systems,Slitting and Guillotining,Cutting Boards and Belts,Nova Product Range,Sub Contract Die Cutting.

GCT clicker press or Swing Arm Cutting Presses (Swing Beam Presses)(Clicking press) same as Gerson machinery clicker press.

The starting point in our die cutting range with a huge range of uses and applications across manufacturing industry. Also known as clicking presses or clicker presses.

These machines are safe and simple to operate with the operator having only to place the material on the bed of the press, position the cutting tool on the material and press the twin, operating buttons. The beam descends under hydraulic power to cut the required cut shape from single or multiple layers of material.

To assure maximum access and visibility, the swing arm can be easily moved (or swung) to one side by the operator in order to gather cut pieces and re-position the tool for the next cut.

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